About Helene by Quan 

HELENE by Coco Quan is a jewellery brand launched by the award-winning jewellery designer, Coco Quan who is based in Singapore . She has grown up in diverse cultures and speaks four different languages fluently.Coco loves to discover the relationship between languages and the arts. Encouraged by her father, an industrial designer, she learnt painting from an early age, and studied Arts and Linguistics at the university.  

Studying , working and travelling between different countries and cultural experiences has continually inspired her.Her story began when she inherited her mother's jewellery box that holds her family's memories. After graduating from her MBA , Coco decided to take a break from her career as a Vice President in Finance by studying high end jewellery design and undertaking a GIA course. Whilst leaning jewellery design she joined her husband's Architecture Practice to manage the strategy of international 

landscaping projects. This latest experience has helped her to discover the art of architecture and shaped her own creative designs.

Design is a beautiful language that inspires us to find our own rhythm. 

Helene jewellery embraces modern elegance with natural shapes and architectural forms, using the high quality materials and 

international craftsmanship. The design inspiration focuses on three key areas ;the Island collection which is inspired by nature and travelling , the Garden collection is a mixture of landscape design and jewellery design, and the Sea collection is Coco's poetic expression of design. Each collection speaks thoughts of nature, relationships and cultures. The designer believes that the great jewellery design comes from unlimited creativity and is the art of poetry. 

Helene Quan's signature design, Song of the Sea was awarded first prize in the prestigious international Grand Prix of Akoya Pearl Jewellery competition. This led to the designer, Coco, being interviewed and featured in Japan's highly respected national daily Mainichi newspaper.