Discover HELENE QUAN's 
Sea Song collection
The international award-winning akoya pearl necklace , The Song of the Sea showcases HELENE's  poetry jewellery inspired by nature and modern architectural design.

Song of the Sea

I wish I could fly like a swallow to the starry sky

in the moonlight 

wish I could land on a shinning beach at sunrise 

I wish I could tell you a sailors tale 

and return to you at the white dock where we met 

with the pearls full of love 

just like my song of the sea.

Joy Akoya Pearl Ring 

A dazzling tanzanite that balances energy and a citrine that represents positivity and joy, set in a a simple and modern shape. 

 Sea Song Diamond Ring 

Timeless akoya pearls from the birthplace of cultured pearl, Ise Shima Japan combined with pave diamonds reflects a wealth of imagination.  

The unlimited creativity and imagination craft bespoke objects.