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Digital Gift Card

SGD 200

Let your loved one choose their own gift with an e-Gift Card from us!
Personalize the gift by adding a message along with it.

SGD 200
SGD 300
SGD 500

More Information

  • How can I purchase a gift card?

You can purchase an eGift Card from our online store and it will be emailed to the recipient. Our eGift Cards are available in the value of SGD200, SGD300, SGD500 for you to choose from. You can also choose the date for the eGift Card to be sent out to the receiver and personalize a message along with it.


  • Where and how can I use the gift card?

The eGift Card can be used for any purchase on our online store, with the exception of subscriptions. To use the eGift Card,  select the ‘Redeem a gift card’ option during payment and enter the unique gift card code.  


  • What happens if my purchase is more than/less than the gift card value?

If the order is worth more than the eGift Card value, you may pay for the remaining amount using other payment methods.

If the order is worth less than the eGift Card value, the remaining value in the card can be used for future purchases.


  • Does my gift card expire?

No, our eGift Cards do not have an expiry date. 


  • Can I return the gift card and convert its value into cash?

Unfortunately, our eGift Card is non-refundable and cannot be converted into cash. 

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