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Your first love is you.

Single’s Day has existed for nearly three decades. Originating in a dorm at Nanjing University, the day was created to celebrate single life in opposition to the pressure to find a partner. The date 11.11 was appropriately chosen due to the repetition of the numeral 1, which resembles a bare stick – Chinese slang for an unmarried man who has yet to add branches to the family tree.

One is sometimes seen as the loneliest number but that interpretation is the furthest thing from the truth. One is the first number, and it’s a factor of every number that comes after it. Love starts with you. We all need to learn to love ourselves first, before we love another. Just like the number one, we need to put ourselves first and make self-love a priority.

Love is an overwhelming force. It can push away hopelessness and fill your world with positivity. We’re often too hard on ourselves. We criticise ourselves and chip away at our self-worth even though we find it so easy to praise others. When we look in the mirror, our mind sees our flaws but our hearts see our strengths. Let your heart love your imperfections and honour them as a part of what makes you who you are.

At Helene Quan, Single’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate yourself. It’s not just for single people. It’s a day for everyone regardless of your relationship status because your first love is you. ‘I heart me’ is a message of empowerment. I heart me so that I can love others, whether it be my family, my partner or the world around me.

Heart Signet Rings

The power of self-love is undeniable. Learn to love yourself wildly, passionately and without shame because it’s what your heart truly longs for. When we choose to listen, our hearts tell us the things we often set aside. What we desire, what we dream of and how to love ourselves. Bearing a single bejewelled heart, the Heart Ring represents the power of loving yourself. It serves as a reminder to honour your heart. If you lead with your heart and listen to its quiet whispers, you will never be uncertain or alone. You deserve all the love your heart has to give. Let the Heart Ring be the symbol you carry with you that never lets you forget it.

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