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A Message from Spring


As I walked to the seaside this morning, I noticed a scatter of fallen petals on the grass. I thought to myself, "It's only May; shouldn't it be the season of full bloom and vibrant spring colors?" Then it struck me—I had forgotten that I live in Singapore, a place of forever summer.


Despite having spent over two decades here, I still haven't shaken off my intrinsic memories and awareness of the four seasons. Deep down, time for me is inherently defined by the changing seasons. Even in a land of endless summer, my body and emotions continue to follow the rhythm of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


This fascinating interplay between memory and reality is an interesting subject to ponder. More importantly, I focus on how to find joy and meaning in every season's emotions and significance, even amidst constant warmth and the occasional torrential rain.


Take spring, for instance. It's easy to overlook this transition from cold winter to intense summer in a land always abuzz with activity. Spring's gentle demeanor often pales in comparison to the fervor of other seasons. The flowers bloom delicately, almost shyly. Yet, the true beauty of spring lies in its understated power and vitality. It is a season of gentle warmth that melts the frost, ushering in boundless life and endless possibilities.


In the quiet strength of spring, we see hope. The soft, unassuming cherry blossoms lining the streets, the grass and wildflowers emerging from the earth, all reflect a silent yet profound vigor. Everything awakens with a subtle murmur, whispering, "All is as it was, yet everything is quietly changing." Life, in its splendid resilience, is both beautiful and powerful.


Coco LH Quan



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