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The beginning of a journey.

High quality,

Low impact


At Helene, we believe that jewellery carries meaning. Our conscious  journey begins with a deep understanding of the significance of impact at every stage of creating and delivering fashion. This awareness has led us to focus on key areas such as overconsumption, waste, and the supply chain. We hope rethink the significance of our fine jewellery so that each piece carries with it a story that is not only beautiful but meaningful, ethical and true to the essence of Helene. We carefully select our materials and are continually implementing more sustainable practices at every step, from material sourcing. designing to manufacturing.

We are dedicated to creating products that endure, reflecting our commitment to quality over quantity. Our promise extends to minimizing waste and preventing overproduction. We produce intentionally less than the anticipated demand to reduce unnecessary excess.

We maintain a controlled, well-managed supply chain that upholds our values and principles.Our highest priority is collaborating with partners and factories that have undergone thorough on-site verification by leading global inspection authorities. These partners hold certifications that adhere to a comprehensive international framework for best practices. These practices encompass health and safety, human rights, fair labor, and environmental protection, aligning seamlessly with our ethical objectives.

RESPONSIBLE MATERIAL SOURCING                                                      

The majority of our products feature materials that have been responsibly sourced, including laboratory-grown gemstones by our certified suppliers. This approach ensures that our jewellery is free from the environmental impacts associated with traditional mining practices. Discover our commitment to sustainability and explore Our materials in detail here .

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. We are making the shift to 100% biodegradable shipping packaging and Eco-friendly delivery, reducing our environmental footprint and supporting a cleaner, greener future.

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