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Roman Reverie: The Timeless Allure of Helene Quan in L’Officiel


Model wears Helene Quan Spring in Rome Blue White Sapphire Earrings in L'Officiel Ukraine. 

As an influential fashion and lifestyle publication, L'Officiel caters to sophisticated readers around the world. With over 30 different international editions the magazine has long been a beacon of elegance and forward-thinking fashion.

In the heart of every piece of jewelry lies a story—a narrative woven from threads of inspiration, craftsmanship, and artistry. For the Spring in Rome earrings, this journey is a collaborative symphony, bringing together the passion and expertise of designer, artisans, stylists, photographers, and models.

The Designer's Vision: Inspiration Takes Form

The journey begins with the designer, whose vision for the Spring in Rome collection is inspired by the eternal beauty of the Italian capital. Helene Quan Spring in Rome White and Blue Sapphire Earrings shimmer like whispers of ancient Roman tales, casting spells of ageless beauty. Imagine the night at the plaza, where laughter and music mingle with the air, the taste of gelato like a sweet spell on the tongue, and monuments stand as eternal guardians of history. The earrings, with their intricate design and sparkling sapphires, transport the wearer to the heart of Rome, where every stone and shadow holds a story.

Capturing the Essence: Through the Photographer's Lens

Photographer Lisa Pavlova and lead stylist Maria Serena Ceravolo capture the timeless elegance of spring in Rome.

Makeup artist, Sonya Watson, does touch-ups between shots.

Each shot is a carefully composed work of art, designed to highlight the intricate details and vibrant colors of the Spring in Rome earrings.

Photographer, Lisa Pavlova, finds the perfect angle.  

In the sanctuary of The Copper Room in New York, the team reviews photos and weaves concepts into reality. 

Laughter fills the air as the team bonds on set.

The atmosphere was charged with creativity as talented artists from all over the world came together to create a joyful and inspiring environment.

Model wears a Wajahat Mirza dress with detailed embroidery that reflects the intricate details of the Helene Quan Spring in Rome Earrings.

From the designer’s first stroke of inspiration and turning an idea into a sketch on paper, to the skilful hands of craftspeople twisting and moulding thought into reality, every piece is a journey full of creativity and wonder. The Spring in Rome earrings began as a feeling of awe, gazing up at the intricate architecture of Roman buildings, and each photograph captured reflects that continuing tale of spring's eternal rebirth and the enduring allure of design.


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