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Everyday Jewellery


A pair of studs that spell sophistication or a simple gold band that promises forever. Just like your go-to bag or cashmere sweater, something you wear daily needs to be practical while letting you show off your personality. It’s the luxury of saying ‘this is me’ without having to say anything at all.

For everyday wear, a piece needs to be comfortable and versatile – something that can go from work to date night to playtime with the kids. It needs to be just the right weight. Nothing too heavy that it becomes a nuisance and nothing so light that you forget it’s there. And it can’t be too loud. Design is everything and for something to be a staple in your jewellery box, it needs to exude understated elegance. Nothing too over the top, but nothing too bland either.

Across cultures, genders and tastes, a ring is the quintessential everyday piece of jewellery. The wedding ring that hasn’t left your finger in over a decade, the birthday gift you fidget with when you’re looking for a sense of calm, like a friend that gives you an extra boost of confidence when you need it. Even on a busy day or when you need to travel, a ring never makes you try too hard. It’s elegance at its simplest, and finest.

Helene’s Heart Ring is a refreshing, bold take on a classic signet ring that adds character to an everyday piece.

A single ruby or sapphire heart and pavé white moissanite on gold-plated vermeil or rhodium-plated sterling silver gives you a touch of luxury with practical design. “Compared to our more elaborate rings, the Heart Ring has proven to be the most popular amongst our customers for daily wear. It’s simple yet bold in its design.

"Definitely a conversation starter.”

Coco Quan, founder and designer of Helene

Maintaining a low profile while letting you express your identity by selecting a lab-grown ruby or pink, blue or white sapphire as the centrepiece, the Heart Ring is understated yet elevated. Its use of lab-grown gemstones for a more sustainable and ethical jewellery staple also makes it more practical and affordable for everyday wear. It doesn’t hurt that it makes you feel that much better about your purchase, either.