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Spring Calling: Magazine features Helene Quan Jewellery


Model poses for Selin Magazine wearing Helene Quan Spring in Rome Blue White Sapphire Earrings.

As the final days of spring linger, infusing the world with lasting colours and vitality, Selin Magazine (in Netherlands Amsterdam) captures this fleeting renewal with a stunning feature on Helene jewellery. Known for recognising strong and beautiful individuals from around the globe, Selin Magazine dives deep into their unique perspectives, making it a perfect platform for showcasing the thoughtful designs of Helene. In an evocative photo shoot, a model graces the pages adorned in deep reds, warm yellows, and pops of blue — a blend of hues that embody the joyful, effervescent soul of spring. A testament to the power of nature’s palette influencing art, the images are a celebration of stories told through colour and design.

Selin encapsulates the vitality of spring with warm, vibrant hues in ISSUE 39. VOL. 21

Delicate yet striking, the Helene Quan Spring in Rome Blue White Sapphire Earrings reflect the spirit of spring with their shimmering sapphires, reminiscent of a single drop of morning dew resting gently on a petal. The earrings draw inspiration from the kaleidoscope of colours that herald the season — a narrative of blooming flowers, golden sunlight, and the gentle caress of a spring breeze.

Like a vivid garden in springtime, the model is styled in rich colours wearing Helene Quan Spring in Rome Blue White Sapphire Earrings. 

Through this collaboration, Helene and Selin Magazine remind us of the elegance found in every spring flower and the enduring charm of high-quality design. Springtime blooms remind us of the endless cycles of renewal and the beauty found in every beginning. Helene jewellery captures this essence, offering jewellery that not only adorns but tells a story — a story of spring's call to awaken, to renew, and to shine brightly.


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