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Spring in Rome Earrings


A memory etched in time.

What will you remember when you leave this city? Tossing a coin in the fountain or feeling the weight of history as you stand amongst ancient ruins. Rome is a city that never forgets. Its rich history is folded into its fabric like an ancient tapestry that draws you in to take a closer look.

Our Spring in Rome Earrings capture a memory. The fresh breath of spring against your cheek, the vivid colours of frescoes that adorn the walls. It's that moment to yourself as you walk through cobblestone streets or the knowing glance you share with another as Rome leaves a lasting mark on your memory.

Michelangelo spent 10 years painting the walls and ceilings of the Sistine Chapel. His enduring masterpiece is a testament to how great art can convey emotion through time. Its symbolic meaning still captivates us to this day. We wanted to encapsulate the feeling of witnessing such raw beauty in a collection and give you a piece of jewellery that takes your mind on a journey to experience the wonder of the Eternal City. The Spring in Rome Collection is a portal into your daydreams.

Made with laboratory-grown blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds, the Spring in Rome Earrings are inspired by the ornate buildings that line the streets of Rome. Roman architecture has influenced the construction of buildings throughout the world and still continues to mould our modern landscape. Baroque influences and classical architecture have shaped these intricate earrings that reflect the bold colours and grand sights that echo Rome in the springtime. We wanted to blend these historic architectural forms with modern design to create pieces that merge Rome’s ancient past with contemporary style.

Featuring a large singular gem in the centre, the Spring in Rome studs are framed with smaller stones around each corner. The vivid memory of Rome cannot be contained and comes peeking through the 18K gold-plated frame.

The Spring in Rome collection is a memory frozen in time.

The night at the plaza, the taste of gelato, the monuments that have stood the test of time. Be taken on a reverie through the city as you adorn yourself with the beauty of Rome.


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