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The Quiet Power of Nature Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver


In the vast realm of poetry, few names conjure the gentle beauty of the natural world quite like Mary Oliver. Born in Maple Heights, Ohio, Oliver's life and work have been a testament to the profound connection between humanity and nature. Her poems, often set in the quiet woods or beside a still pond, are meditations on both the simplicity and wonder of the natural world. Oliver's keen observations and evocative poems have earned her numerous accolades, including the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, establishing her as one of the most beloved poets of our time.

One of the most comprehensive collections of Oliver's work, Devotions, offers readers a rich tapestry of her poetry spanning over five decades. It is a testament to her enduring love for nature and her ability to find profound truths in the everyday. With each poem, readers are invited to slow down, observe, and appreciate the quiet moments. Like Oliver's poetry, Helene's creations are inspired by the delicate and often overlooked details of nature; a shared reverence for the wisdom found in a soft breeze, the changing tides and sunlight streaming through the trees.

In "To Begin With, the Sweet Grass", Oliver celebrates life's simple pleasures and invokes the magic found in everyday experiences in the natural world.


“The witchery of living

is my whole conversation

with you, my darlings.”

Mary Oliver, “To Begin With, the Sweet Grass”


Oliver captures the essence of living and embracing the enchantment of every moment, from the glistening stones beneath your feet to the way the wind sings. For Helene, this wonder is reflected in the intricate details and thoughtful designs of our jewellery, each piece telling its own story as it mirrors the allure of nature.

“We do one thing or another; we stay the same, or we


In the natural world, change is inevitable, but as people, we often get stuck in a cycle of repetition. Instead of feeling trapped by the confinements we put on ourselves, we can adapt and free ourselves through our choices.


“And I have become the child of the clouds, and of hope.”

Nature instils in us boundless possibilities and hope which inspires Helene to craft pieces that not only adorn but inspire. Our philosophy, Keep Shining On, invites our clients to wear their dreams with pride and exude confidence with every piece of jewellery. Like the sweet grass in Oliver's poem, our pieces are designed to capture the radiance of nature, encouraging a connection to the natural world and celebrating the link between inner strength and outward beauty. Oliver’s ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and to find light in the quiet corners of life resonates deeply with our mission. Embrace the magic of living, the power of change, and the hope that shines through us all.


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