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Our Picks for Spring


Spring is the season of transformation — the sun's warm embrace awakens the world from its slumber, the air hums with the promise of renewal, and the very earth seems to breathe with newfound life. Light is the catalyst for rebirth and the light within you will never fail to awaken your true nature. Trust in yourself and let all your colour and brilliance shine through like a garden in full bloom.

HQ Signature Lock Locket

The HQ Signature Lock Locket lets you hold what is most dear close to you. Just as spring ushers in new light and life, you are reborn when you understand what matters most to you. Let your inner light guide you to become who you were always meant to be.

Lab Blue Sapphire Heart Signet Ring

Every time you gaze down at our Heart Signet Ring, remember that self-love is the first step towards healing, and healing is the first step towards awakening your truest self. Guard your heart and know that you are in control of your metamorphosis.

Heart Chandelier Earrings 

Our Heart Chandelier Earrings with cascading heart-shaped gemstones represent the abundant yet ephemeral qualities of love. Like sakura blossoms in the spring, vibrant pink gemstones flow from a single brilliant heart to represent the rebirth of joy, hope and passion.


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