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Slow is Fine


The beauty in slowing down.

What is slow? Is it a lack of urgency and care or is it a deliberate awareness of being patient and taking all things into consideration before making a decision? Choosing slow means choosing to invest in quality. A slow lifestyle allows us to focus on happiness and create real memories, not just fleeting moments that fade away.

Slow fashion is an approach that takes into account the processes and resources that go into making each item. It allows for high-quality products that last longer and values the people involved, the materials used and the planet.

Slowing down allows us to take in the beauty we see all around us and appreciate every detail, every sparkle. With each carefully placed gemstone and mindfully selected material, we take our time to ensure all our pieces reflect this philosophy. Our process is slow because we want each piece of jewellery we create to be a part of your life.

Our Process

1. Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from the things we experience every day – nature, a line of poetry, or a piece of classical music.

2. Concept Drawing

We take our idea and create an initial sketch.

3. Fine Jewellery Technique Drawing

Once we’re sure that we have created the best design possible, we create technical jewellery drawings to meet exact specifications.

4. CAD and Silver Mould Making

To create the shapes we desire, we make bespoke moulds to form our pieces.

5. Sample Making and Quality Control

We create a sample version of our piece and conduct two quality control tests to ensure the greatest value.

6. Internal Sample Preview

We invite our Insiders, who are valued customers, to wear and feel the piece of jewellery to receive feedback and improve our design.

7. Wear Test

We invite people to wear our piece every day for at least one month to gauge the comfortability and quality of the jewellery.

8. Improvements and Initial Launch

Based on the responses from our Wear Test, we make edits to our design if required. Then, we launch an initial batch of the piece so customers can purchase the jewellery.

9. Limited Quantities and Made-to-Order

After the initial launch, we only create limited quantities of each piece at a time or produce them as they are purchased to prevent waste and ensure the quality of our jewellery.

10. Restocking

We then restock our design and fulfil our made-to-order pieces. We encourage our customers to click the ‘Notify Me’ button or follow us on Instagram to stay updated on when their desired pieces of jewellery are back in stock.


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