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We Are Stardust


Let your inner light shine.

“Don't forget about the stardust. You are small. But you are also so much more.”

Jodi Lynn Anderson

It is said that every atom in our bodies was once part of a star. As little and insignificant as we may feel in the face of the infinite galaxy, we are intrinsically connected to it. We are made of stardust and all the light and unimaginable brilliance of the constellations are a sign that we too can glow as brightly, and as fiercely.

We so often look up in awe of the universe but we don’t see the same wonder in ourselves. We search for answers in the stars but dim the light within us. The light that we so desperately search for already exists – it’s in each one of us. The Stardust Collection is an ode to your true self, that shines brighter than any star in the galaxy.

The Stardust Studs may be small but they sparkle with the brilliance of any star. Created with laboratory-grown rubies, blue sapphire, moissanite and green stones, these elegant studs remind you that even when you feel limited, your impact is greater than you know. Your shine will never be diminished with the Stardust Earrings. These sophisticated earrings are available with rubies or a combination of blue sapphire and moissanite for a dazzling showstopper.

Keep shining bright and let your inner light radiate through the darkness with the Stardust Collection.


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