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Where Hope Takes Root


Lucky Seed Hoop in 18k rose gold plated sterling silver with round tsavorites

“Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.”

John Harrigan

The lucky seed is a symbol of hope, life and the power of purpose. Even through drought and disaster, when we plant the seeds of our dreams and water them with hope, they will push through and grow. Like seeds rising from the earth, we are all full of vitality and infinite potential. We just need some hope and a little luck to blossom.

 The Lucky Seed Pearl Earrings with Akoya pearls in 18k white gold.

The lucky seed was the first piece Helene Quan’s designer, Coco, created when she left her corporate job to enter the unpredictable world of jewellery design. She wore it every day to remind her to work hard and face every challenge, change or failure with faith. The lucky seed always brought her back to her original intention when she began her journey – to create pieces that leave a lasting memory and inspire hope. Coco went on to win the first prize in an international jewellery competition, with interviews from global publications recognising her work. She continues to utilise the design of the seed in new collections so she can reach even more people and tell them to never give up on hope.

Hope brings luck, and luck brings happiness. Many of Coco’s personal friends wear the lucky seed design every day. Like Coco, for them, it has become a daily reminder of the power and promise of hope.

Made in an array of metals and styles, the Seed Collection is the breath of spring — vital, resilient and boundless. From the Link Bracelet, which features gold seed links to represent the people who have left an indelible mark on one’s life to the Lucky Seed Pearl Earrings, symbolising growth and transformation for even a grain of sand can become a radiant gem, the lucky seed reminds us how we are all connected and that we should embrace the wonder of nature as all it takes for happiness to flourish is a single seed of hope.